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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Homophobic counseling -since when?

Listen, something about the hoopla surrounding Isaiah Washington has me deeply bothered. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we all in agreement that while it may be OK to be gay and you have the right to love who you want, it's still not exactly cool? Why should he go to counseling for saying "faggot"? Isn't the agreement that you can come out of the closet but sometimes people may call you names, much like other groups that face discrimination daily? You mean to tell me their isn't a spick or nigger out there who could sign up a few coworkers for counseling? How about bitches? I've been called that by a coworker and I remember the day a coworker of mine was called a nigger-bitch by her supervisor.. he didn't go to counseling. What ever happened to the adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." (I'm sure someone will correct that for me in the comment section.)

I mean, if I'm way off here.. then maybe I should seek counseling. Why the hell should this guy go to counseling because he uses homophobic language? I mean, is he beating gay people up on the weekends or what? Is there an alcoholic beverage that he drinks like haterade that makes him all like "I hate gays.." -that's it! He's drunk from sipping on gayhaterade. Counseling is expensive. He MUST have some other problem he's coping with, because this is just crazy. What are they going to sort out in these counseling sessions anyway.. why he shouldn't care who his coworkers sleep with? I mean at the end of the day, the only difference between him and many other heteros is that he says homophobic stuff to his gay coworker's face. We're all smarter than that. Plus, honestly, I have no desire to call anyone out of their name. Well, I surely have the desire at times, but never have. Well, not to their face anyway.

I'm just feeling like gay people are being protected from hurt and harm above any other group in the nation. If someone calls you a name, they should be reprimanded and maybe even fired if it's that severe. I know that T.R. Knight isn't pushing Isaiah into rehab, but who is? Is this the producers trying to give him a chance? I wonder if they'll try to convert him into the gay lifestyle while he's there?

Isaiah's Homophobic Rehab Schedule
  • 8-9 a.m. breakfast in group setting with gay men.
  • 9-10 a.m. Breakout sessions
  • - Intro to drag
  • - History of homosexuality and religion
  • - Gay vs. Black American Civil Rights Movement
  • 11- 12:30 p.m. Watch gay porn
  • 12:30- 1 p.m. break/private time
  • 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Group session, discuss any homophobic thoughts you had today and how gay porn made you feel.
  • 3:30 -6 p.m. Shopping
  • 6:30 -8 p.m. Dinner and chores: Refill penis-shaped salt and pepper shakers
  • 8-9 p.m. TV time ("Will & Grace" reruns,"Queer As Folk," "Oz" "Six Feet Under" "Project Runway" "America's Next Top Model")
  • 9:30 - 11 p.m. Late night group session
  • Midnight movie: Brokeback Mountain


Blogger Bygbaby said...

OMG, I almost pissed on myself after reading the schedule! I love the break out session, that was genius. If anyone needs a treatment center, it is Michael Richards, big time.

I cannot believe they have treatment centers/programs.

He should get a t-shirt that says I love gays. LOL

Great Post!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Washington is defintely ignorant and he might also be a bigot. This topic has proven once again that when it comes to homophobia, black people wrote the book.

When Michael Richards went crazy doing his stand up routine, black people didn't shrug it off by reciting "sticks and stones." Why should Washington's gay co-worker or his employer?

If someone called me a black bitch at work and I didn't do anything, then I guess I wouldn't be just a black bitch, but a dumb as dirt black bitch for lettting something like that slide by in the workplace.

Another fine example of black hypocracy. We always want to be the perpetual victim yet never want to take responsibililty for any of our dirty laundry.

When and how exactly was it decreed that blacks could slur other people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and not be held accountable? Is this part of the same silly notion that blacks cannot be racist because they lack the power? We actually redefined a word, "racism," so that we could engage in behavior against others we won't stand from others.

Black people need to grow up.

Blogger Atsui_Gal said...

Anonymous makes some great points here. Thanks for posting.

I don't really defend any blogs because you can just re-read it. But I've gotta clarify that It's not because Isaiah is black that he should be allowed to use homophobic language. Even if this were Patrick Dempsey I'd hold the same thoughts on the issue. I didn't say there shouldn't be any response from management, just that counseling is a new one. It's like they want to dissassemble him like Johnny 5 and reprogram him.

This is an interesting time in our history as gay rights are being taken more seriously. This incident shouldn't be overlooked and it's fair to compare it to the response that is given to racism or sexism in the workplace as I think those -isms have blazed the trail for this one.

The nigger bitch did complain, the manager was reprimanded and she was moved to another location, but I was just making a point that no one tried to change his outlook on race by sending him to counseling, of course this was in NC where racism is accepted. Her manager was a proud racist. I happened to have a history with him as a classmate and he believes that whites and blacks shouldn't even be friends, to the point that he approached me and my white friends individually to tell us so. So when he when humiliated his employee everyone knew it was indeed a racist comment. The issue with Isaiah isn't so obvious.

Even after I wrote this I questioned the power of the word fag and talked to people about it. I think it's stronger or more painful than I ever knew. Yet people use it so frequently, just like Isaiah did at the awards show. That shit just rolled off his lips, loud and proud.

If you use the word bitch are you sexist?
If you call someone a nigger are you a racist?
The same question has to be asked of a person who says fag.

A lot of people felt that Michael Richards wasn't a racist just because he said nigger in that fashion. That was the debate. I'm not sure that using the word fag means you're homophobic, but maybe in his case it does.

Anonymous twizz said...

First 'Anonymous' was so busy being a biggot i think he/she/it (whatever name they chose not to add...) missed the point. Bigots usually do...

Anyway...this man clearly has a problem. Black/White/Brown/Yellow/Gay/Straight whatever...he just has some issues. It's been reported that even when working on broadway the man punched out a co-star for fking up his lines. His associates seem to think he has some anger problems that lead him to say all type of inapproriate things and take inappropriate actions. I'm sure we all know a few hot heads who you'd rather not take out anywhere or the office hot head that gets pissed for no apparent reason (WHO DRANK THE LAST CUP OF COFFEE!! ARRRR!!). Guess what? Hollywood has them too! Maybe Washington, Mel Gibson, Kramer (because let's face it...Michael Richards is nobody...he exists in this world only because of 'Kramer') and Russell Crowe can all get together for a big angry, Homo, Jew, Nigger Bashtival? If they kept the location and names 'anonymous' they'd probably have a great ass turnout.

Pricks are pricks...counseling MIGHT help them with thier ignorance but since it's learned over a lifetime, counseling isn't going do shit but provide a PR break, or a lighter sentence...'can't teach an old dog new tricks' I think it goes.

Hopefully as society becomes slightly more integrated (well..racially/culturally...socio-economically is a completely different issue) less kids will grow up to be douchebags like these guys...and 'anonymous'

Blogger Clay said...

You seem to be confused so let me attempt to shed some light. First and foremost, the point of the original post is to ask why one should be sent to counseling for harboring bigoted beliefs. Good or bad, it is every persons right to hold whatever views they choose. It becomes a problem when people act out on those views and it infringes on other people's rights. In this case, Washington made a remark that offended people and he should be reprimanded for it. However, attempting to force the man to change his views is crossing the line, no matter what those views may be.

Second, Black people did not "write the book on homophobia." Disapproval of homosexuality has been firmly embedded in a number or religions for centuries. One such religion, as I'm sure you are aware, is Christianity. The Black community, as a whole, is strongly rooted in the church so it is no surprise that many Black people disapprove of homosexuality the same way that Christians of all races do.

I really don't want to go into the misuse of the term "homophobia," other that to state that it is defined as an irrational fear of homosexuality, but it is thrown around any time anyone merely expresses negative view of homosexuals. It would be nice if people called it what it is, bigotry.

Third, the "silly notion" that racism does not usually apply to Black people in the United States is based on the definition of the word. Racism is the belief that one race, due to it's innate characteristics, is inferior to another. The view that Black people are inherently inferior to White people was supported and bolstered by White people (mostly slave owners and those with an interest in slaves) during slavery in an attempt to inject the United States with a mindset that would be conducive to perpetuating their source of free labor. That is why, in the U.S. particularly, racism is largely a belief exclusive to White people. Rarely do you hear view-points that White people are inferior to Black people. Though this belief does exist in small amounts in the Black community, it is a non-issue in the U.S. because Black people are generally not in positions where that that belief negatively effects White people's access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Reverse-racism, incidentally, is a hatred that is a direct response to Racism. (Reverse-racism really doesn't apply to this blog but, seeing that you are confused about what racism actually is, there is no way that you could understand what reverse-racism is, so I figured I'd just throw that in.)

And, finally, a personal note. You imply that you, yourself, are Black. It deeply saddens me that the are Black people out there (because, unfortunately, you are not alone) who harbor such strong and uninformed opinions about our people, yet are uninterested in giving even a moments thought to what those opinions really mean. For example, in your last paragraph you say that:

"We actually redefined a word, "racism," so that we could engage in behavior against others we won't stand from others."

I don't doubt that you believe that, as you actually took the time to type it out and post it on the internet, but have you even thought about what that actually means, and whether you should continue to believe it? I'm assuming you must be a reasonably intelligent person because I happen to know Atsui and the circles she and other people who post here travel in. You can't honestly think that statement hold even a shred of veracity. It's ridiculous on one level and sad on another.

It is ridiculous to believe that we, "we" being Black people, have the ability to change the actual definition of words in the English language to suit our agenda. Where would such power come from? That is the ridiculous part.

The sad part is that you believe that "we" would use this non-existent power to change the definition of a word in order to "engage in behavior against others we won't stand from others"; that our race is one that would make such a thing a priority.

Anonymous Mcvay said...




YEA...what he said!!!

Anonymous Zorok said...

Clay, you are a dope and Anonymous is totally right.

Regarding your points:

>>"However, attempting to force the man to change his views is crossing the line, no matter what those views may be."

Actually, Washington isn't being 'forced' to change his views at all. He has every right to say 'no, this is what I believe, and I refuse counseling.' His employer has simply insisted that he attend counseling if he wants to keep his job after the way he behaved. Perfectly reasonable. Different employers handle the problem differently. Washington can walk away whenever he wants, without his paycheck. He's not being forced.

>>The Black community, as a whole, is strongly rooted in the church so it is no surprise that many Black people disapprove of homosexuality the same way that Christians of all races do.

You make a good point here, and I think you and anonymous are actually heading to the same conclusion: Christians disapprove of gay people, many in the Black community are strongly Christian, and therefore disapproving of gay people. That doesn't mean that our people aren't at the forefront of a long and shameful tradition. They've got plenty of company in this nation, that's for sure, but dislike of gays reaches fever pitch among us. Is that something to be proud of?

>>Though this belief does exist in small amounts in the Black community, it is a non-issue in the U.S. because Black people are generally not in positions where that that belief negatively effects White people's access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Total bullshit, Clay. Non-issue my ass. When the fourteen year white korean kid down the block got the shit beaten out of him by the fucking thugs-of-color in this neighborhood, I'd say his access to life was "effected" (sic). Anonymous has it right: all that crap about how "we don't have power so we can't be racist" is nothing more than a rationalization to treat other people like crap because they're not black and we're just looking for someone to hurt.

>>It is ridiculous to believe that we, "we" being Black people, have the ability to change the actual definition of words in the English language to suit our agenda. Where would such power come from? That is the ridiculous part.

Where does the power come from? It comes from our ACTIONS, you moron.

>>The sad part is that you believe that "we" would use this non-existent power to change the definition of a word in order to "engage >>in behavior against others we won't stand from others"; that our race is one that would make such a thing a priority.

Our race isn't a colony creature. We don't all agree. But yeah, there are individuals who just want to be exonerated from their actions. Payback, whatever. So they find some disclaimer and act as if the only way you can hate someone from another race is if you're wearing a pointy white hood, otherwise do whatever the hell you want. Wake up. There's dishonor all over you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so tired of people claiming that Blacks are more homophobic than the rest of the population. It is not true. Blacks did not kill Matthew Shepherd, Harvey Milk, or anyone else in the high profile hate crimes of recent years. We do not drag people behind our cars, burn crosses in their lawns, chase them down and beat them for being in the wrong area of Brooklyn, or to my knowledge kill transexuals for sport.

So how did we get this reputation?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is sick and wrong. Being black is not a choice. Homosexuality is. It's in the Bible, so it must be true. So, therefore, it is not too far fetched to agree that it is wrong. HATE ME ALL U WANT...YEAH YEAH YEAH... Furthermore, since the Bible was created by God, let God judge people, not your own self. Who is he to use that type of language!!!??? I was harassed for months and called a nigger repeatedly at my job and the company wrote me a letter stating that they did not consider it discrimination b/c he supposedly did not understand what that word meant and therefore did not intend to offend me. Now if that is not some BS I don't know what is.

Anonymous linasandy said...

Jamaica is the most homophobic place on the earth. Given these obstacles to social parity, it is not startling that many gay men and lesbians seek counseling.

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